Leica M4P Black Good condition 135 35 mm format film camera Location EU

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Leica M4P Black 135 35 mm format film camera good
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The year 2004 was quite busy for me indeed. January 30th I got my first Leica, M4P which was love at first sight. I broke her heart a few months after: dented the metal a bit on top the viewfinder during my travels in Japan that spring. 🙁

This Leica has no built-in light meter but otherwise it looks like a M6, so I see. Well, a real photographer needs such an apparatus, he just licks his finger, sticks the finger to the skies to see the find direction and checks the cloud content and based on his film ASA number, calculates in the speed of light the correct aperture and time, right? 🙂

Although the mighty photographer Jan Eerala did his best to teach me about EVs: it is always EV14 in Finland, because you always use 100 ASA slide film and in Finland it is always semi-clouded, I was uncertain (hence, do not call me a true photographer), and bought myself a Gossen Lunasix f meter, which I, of course, lost before the days were full. I think it is in the same place were are my old sunglasses and SOG tool, i.e., on the (other) hamster who’s taken all my lost items. Then I got a Gossen digisix, of which the battery was always empty.. 🙁

But somehow I always managed more or less and the shots were ok by exposure. As I got this Leica body, I had but no other choice than to get glasses as well, and by trading and abroad I got the pretty much full set of lenses, and soon enough I also got another body, a M5.

If you think about shooting film nowadays, and you are a tech (= demanding quality) person, Leica is your number one choice. If look for taking photos unnoticeable (hmm.. why would you do that..?), Leica is your choice. I remember, once as I was in the woods on private lands (you know, in Finland you can go everywhere, but in France where I was, they shoot you to kill, and ONLY AFTERWARDS they ask you what is your business?), beavers (the first and still ever first) there would not notice me lying on the ground with my Cambo 4×5″ standing 10 m away and me click click clicking my two Leicas.. so quiet.. If you search for a camera that needs no battery and works everywhere, guess what? Do I need ask what is the camera mark that collectors value? Have you ever heard this: a true photographer uses real cameras, you know, those kind that eat film (and shit… what?). And.. ah, I rest my case. 🙂

This body / camera is pretty small indeed, but no as such as those Rollei 35s, both of which I also have for sale. The Texas Leicas, which I also stock are then, again, yet another breed. Because here the lenses are removable (and separately sold), you can tune your camera perfectly for you specific needs. Just have enough pockets to keep all you stuff, if you go stealth all the way.

This is a rangefinder camera that means you need to focus manually the image using your eyes, matching the small images into parallel in the view finder. If you have bad vision and you want to use this camera for taking good shots, you should not buy this camera. If you love cameras, have money and are a collector, then perhaps. 😉 If I would be a camera collector, I would never sell this camera, but as I am not and have now certifiably bad vision, so here you go and I cry. 🙁

That dent on top disregarding, I’d say this camera is more or less in the same condition as it was once I got it. Yes, I have used it, not that plenty but still yes, and always without problems (just the film loading you need to learn, and do carefully). Although made in Canada, this machine is of excellent build quality (the dent I caused – nothing broke, just that dent came up!). I suppose this was made early 1980s, and I’d say this thing will work from generations to the next, if they just love it.

I tested this camera on February 2016, and I found no problem with it. I used a single roll of expired Kodak Ektachrome E100GX 135 that run before this camera in two other cameras, and still the film and camera run like a charm. The only problem was with my vision, and that is the only reason I’m selling this fine piece of equipment.

I am no camera selling professional and am not officially qualified to judge the condition of this camera. I have checked the camera and I haven’t noted anything in malfunction. If you desire, and I can send you more / higher resolution photos per email. Cosmetically it is as you see from the photos. I have marked it good condition, because of the one dent on top, otherwise it would be at least “very good”, although in eBay there might be many to state that already as it is.

This camera body comes with no lenses, which I also have plenty suitable for this body for sale along with my other Leica body.

With utmost reluctance I am selling this camera in auction, starting 1 euros, with reserve and buy it now 750 euros, shipping only to be done fully insured, local pickup and testing welcome.

Remember if you buy outside EU and you are in EU, you need to pay customs tax (typically ca. 5 %) and VAT (typically around 20 – 25 %) which are added on top of shipping and insurance costs. To my understanding, these costs are calculated and due regardless of the age and condition of the item! There are calculators on-line for this, like from Pitney Bowes.

Yes, of course I will combine shipping for reduced shipping costs. I urge you to my buy more from me and will be flexible with it. Please note the somewhat expensive shipping costs from Finland, especially if insurance is needed. If the value of order gets to a higher level, I insist on taken an insurance for the shipping.

If you have more questions, please contact me directly.

Klaus Riederer, PhD, MSc
KAR Oy Ab GmbH Ltd S. A. R. L., CEO www.kar.fi
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