Yes, you read correct: I am selling all my color negative 120 roll films!

You call me a selfish bastard wanting to sell everything, you think? I am selling the stuff because I am getting old, read more of my reasons.

Also, I beg to differ. I have kept my films pretty well in the deep freezer and my tests indicate that both the Kodak Portra and the Agfa Optima color negative 120 rolls are still more or less usable. If you’re a keen on LOMO or HOLGA or other creative photography, I think they are the perfect material for you! 🙂

Also, please remember that Agfa Optima was discontinued already in 2004 / 2005, and so did also the many other films I am selling here. Why not grab yourself a bargain and make history with your own photos using a REAL camera (which eats film).

Search for items for sale using the right hand navigation or click here for medium format color negative films.


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