Leica Canada 90mm F2.8 black TELE ELMARIT lens Excellent condition for Leica M screw mount cameras Location EU

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Leica Canada 90mm F2.8 black TELE ELMARIT lens for Leica M screw mount cameras excellent
LEICA 90mm f/2.8 TELE-ELMARIT-M (1974-1990) KenRockwell.com review
Factory tips on [repairing] the M-Series Leicas

Item condition: Used


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This is lens I got.. I got… I got…. oh, shit man. I can’t remember. That means the source could be the trading I did around 2003, as another professional photo store, or the other one or the third one or..
oh what the fuck does it matter where I got this lens (as long as I got legit), anyway!?! 🙁

Sorry, I’m having a bad day, a bad end of the week, actually. I didn’t get accepted to university, to study law. I was only 25 years too late, and spent my last 6 months of reading in vain. And now I here they might change their ridiculous you-must-know-everything-by-heart-that-is-by-our-heart-not-yours type of (no) entry exams, sometime, somewhere and somehow in the future. That is, of course, when I am sixty-five, dead and buried inside my grand piano, which is as good a coffin as any box. Yes, I sell that box also, any takers?

Oh yes, sorry, where was I? Yes, I got this lens some time ago, and even though our dear friend (not mine, really, but jolly good chap to put all the info in the internet) Mr. Ken Rockwell here states that this is the only tele you’ll ever need, I got a bigger one, of course, as I couldn’t here him. He wrote that text 2009, a bit late for me. Besides, haven’t you heard the fact the girls like big.. thing.. so the longer .. tube.. you have.. the better, ööh? 😉

Well, I can’t remember if I ever got any hot chicks with this lens, but I’m sure it’s not a fault of this lens. Namely, I didn’t get the hot chicks (never so I didn’t get either) with any of my lenses, and some where much longer and bigger, so about the saying.. (I’m heterosexual, I that’s what you are wondering).

This lens has a serial number 27282885, which puts its birth of origin to Canada (I might have guessed that, because it says LEITZ CANADA next to this number) and to the early part of production – Mr. Rockwell states in his writing that this lens was made between 1974 to 1990 with serials ca. 2585000 ~ 3451999 for Canada made and 3383000 ~ 3540000 Germany made. Oh man, I wish this had had the number, say, 3450000, and it would have been made both in Canada and in Germany, right? 😉

Mr. Ken Rockwell also states that these 90/2.8 TELE, 90mm f/2 ASPH, 90/2.5 Summarit-M, 90/2.8 ELMARIT-M lenses have a Sharpness* of ‘Very Good’, ‘Extraordinary’, ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Fantastic’, respectfully. I am so glad that I don’t even have to go into splitting my hairs of what is the particular difference of these great adjectives. Why? Because there is “*” after the word sharpness. “* Your camera’s rangefinder calibration is going to make more of a difference in sharpness than the difference among these lenses. If, and only if, you got a perfectly adjusted system will you be able to notice any differences. Your camera’s rangefinder calibration is going to make more of a difference in sharpness than the difference among these lenses. If, and only if, you got a perfectly adjusted system will you be able to notice any differences. How many ‘if’ words where there inside the “-quotations marks, did you calculate, and where they or not added by this nice clause “and only”?

Guess, how often I calibrated my cameras’ rangefinder systems? Guess when I read about this calibration the first time?

Perhaps I have said already too much, and you rather read reviews from people who don’t swear (excuse me, my blog pages are the only place to do it, but they mostly only in Finnish!). But still, I must write this: made in Canada or Germany, very good or fantastic or something else, these Leica lenses haven’t ever let me down. I am the one doing that, by selling them. Were the situation different, I would buy more them of instead of doing the opposite. But we get old, and on the contrary to machines (really?), we humans break of old age.

I can’t say that I have used this lens a lot, and the reason is obvious what I written already too many times here before. If I would have to use only lens, I would not take even a 50 mm, yet a tele lens, neigh. I would take a wider, like the Leica Canada M 35mm F2 black SUMMICRON-M F2 Type 4 King of Bokeh. The 21 mm F4 is so small, that I could just hid it to my pockets without anyone noticing it until I’d already taken the shot with that lens. 😉

This lens is a for M mount Leica rangefinder camera that means you need to focus manually the image using your eyes, matching the small images into parallel in the camera’s viewfinder. If you have a bad vision and you want to use this lens for taking good shots, you should not buy this camera part. If you love cameras, have money and are a collector, then perhaps. 😉 If I would be a camera collector, I would never sell this lens, but as I am not and have now certifiably bad vision, so here you go and I cry. 🙁

I tested my Leica M4P on February 2016, but not this lens, sorry. I would still be testing all my gear, I would do that for all my camera gear I have. :/

I am no camera selling professional and am not officially qualified to judge the condition of this lens. I have checked the lens and I haven’t noted anything in malfunction. If you desire, and I can send you more / higher resolution photos per email. Cosmetically it is as you see from the photos. I have marked it excellent condition, and this is my personal opinion.

With utmost reluctance I am selling this great and desired lens, starting 1 euro, with reserve and buy it now 900 euros, shipping only to be done fully insured, local pickup and testing welcome.

Remember if you buy outside EU and you are in EU, you need to pay customs tax (typically ca. 5 %) and VAT (typically around 20 – 25 %) which are added on top of shipping and insurance costs. To my understanding, these costs are calculated and due regardless of the age and condition of the item! There are calculators on-line for this, like from Pitney Bowes.

Yes, of course I will combine shipping for reduced shipping costs. I urge you to my buy more from me and will be flexible with it. Please note the somewhat expensive shipping costs from Finland, especially if insurance is needed. If the value of order gets to a higher level, I insist on taken an insurance for the shipping.

If you have more questions, please contact me directly.

Klaus Riederer, PhD, MSc
KAR Oy Ab GmbH Ltd S. A. R. L., CEO www.kar.fi
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Subjective rating for determination of the apparent condition of the item, here appraised as excellent

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