End of an era I: Rolleiflex Factory – DHW Fototechnik liquidated

I just, by accident, noticed this already year old article in the petapixel site.

This company DHW Fototechnik was behind Rolleiflex cameras, one of which I never had. Still this makes me sad and shows that even German engineering and craftsmanship can’t withhold the law of demand, China effect, digitization and whatnot.

There auction house has still, lucky for us, the photos of the factory items in their site (for how long, lets see). If you ever wonder how the make the cameras, here is a hint for it: the machines and the place pictured with 1113 images in 19 pages.

I am so glad I was not there, at the auction on 21.04.2015 10 am, I might have bid on every item. (Well ok, only the first bid, in order not to really buy anything – I guess the got more than 1 euro piece of the 1113 items) 😉

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