You want my Leicas or my Hasselblad X-Pan – I am selling all my real 135 format cameras!

Yes, indeed, once I am all out of my 35 mm films, I don’t need any REAL those cameras, either. I am no collector; I am a user. I am an addict? :-/

You know, photography is a sickness, I’ve heard. If I’ll sell everything, would I be cured? My, my, google knows nothing about this, or of taking photographs being a sickness?! :-0

There will be some real gems here, like my dream camera: Hasselbald X-Pan. Yes, I have to sell it also, with two lenses. As I said earlier, I made some very beautiful photos with it and these very films I still got left for sale. As soon as got the camera in mint condition from Japan, I was shooting the sakura that I was by dumbos luck following from east to west (the very correct order indeed!), from Nagasaki to Hokkaido in 2004.

I wonder, what you could do with these babies of mine, as I am no longer the person to use them? 🙂

Search for items for sale using the right hand navigation or click here for 135 format film (real) cameras.


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