Old 35 mm color negative film for sale, any Holga / Lomo / creative photographers there?

Now, to be honest, color negative films are the most sensitive to aging, which only freezing can withhold to some extent. Black-and-white films are just fine even with decades and decades of expiry, and to my experience, also slides are much better aging resistant than color negatives. Keeping this in mind, I tested my old 120 format color negative films, two different film types. Some of the scanned images indicate a bit of a greenish cast visible in the darks, whilst others do no. This is partly due my automated image processing methods. The best results are always got when the frame is cropped away, because the dark frame areas make the automated calculus go haywire. In this case I wanted to make the frames partly visible so that you would be able to read the film information.

I’d say these films are still usable, but not as such as they were in 200x. I think they are the perfect material for you if you’re keen on LOMO or HOLGA or other creative photography.

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