Kodak Technical Pan 25 ASA for 135 – interested?

I’m afraid my insanity continues: I am not only selling my remaining Kodak Technical Pan TP 25 ASA in 4×5″ sheets but also in 35 mm format, and also other remaining 35 mm cans. Yes, of course, who would buy fresh 135 film ready canned, if you can get the same in bulk: in 100 / 150 ft cans? 🙂

I guess you have already read my stories regarding my high value to the Kodak TP films, if not, you can start reading from my selling of large format BW films post.

I’d guess these items will not last too long, so.. ,)

Search for items for sale using the right hand navigation or click here for 135 format black-and-white films.


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