Loosing my religion – I am selling all my medium format cameras!

It still stands on my Linkedin profile that camera is my religion. With my trusty old Mamiya RB67 ProS I got, as the very last gig (after many years of a silence) a very decent sum for taking some cover and other photos to a magazine. I had bought (by force!) my first cell phone (man, the Ericsson was expensive, even the extra charger!) to get the more orders for photo gigs, which never came until this happened. Yes, I still remember me standing for more than half an hour to wait my turn at the Kilroy travels Helsinki in order to get the flight tickets to my old ant (now already RIP). Then finally, when everything was sorted and I was just a second away to pay the tickets, I got this call. Of course, who would not postpone ones trip for a few days to make more money then the whole trip? 😉

While selling my Mamiya RB67 ProS means that there will no longer be that type of photography that (most of) all photographers dream of – to take photos that pays your bills and gets you do the photography also when just WANT TO do, not because you NEED TO do this (to gain money). Well, sometimes you need to do other things you would not like to.

Oh yes, it’s all about the money. Hmm. have I said this before? No, it was some else, but pretty close. 😉

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