Yes, I am insane – I am selling my large format BW films!

There is one reason above of for not to quit shooting large format films: Kodak Technical Pan TP 25 ASA. I have to boxes, ca. 95 sheets of 4×5″ left.

I believe this was the finest grain film ever made to the great public. Kodak announced discontinuing it 2003 and I read that after 06/2005 the Tech Pan 4×5” was no longer made.

I used the TP 4×5″ to make ONLY one exhibition print (which will bug me for LIFE!), the work I have never been loved for my exhibition In My Black-and-White Life (I have never..). I wet scanned the film 5000 dpi with my Fuji Lanovia C-550, and the size (112 x 145 cm2) of the print was only limited by the width of my printer (Epson 9600) at hand at the time – the film resolution (and file I made) I could have used for ANY print size I would have desired.

Yes, of course I had also TP 135 film to play with, not only this expensive 4×5” sheet film. One of my favorite fine art works (exhibited) on Tech Pan (135) was from a great place that once upon a time was even much greater.

This film was my absolute favorite. As a “tech guy” myself, I perhaps need no other explanation. You know, you could pull it down to 8 ASA, so now we’re talking about really slooooooow film.

I write that I am selling the stuff because I am getting old, read more of my reasons. But for selling the almost last batches ever made Kodak TP 25 means something else. It means I am mad, gone insane. But still, it would not mean that I have become stupid as well. Nope, I am not selling them cheap. 😉

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