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I counted in the mid 2000 more than 3 dozen image banks in Finland only.

As I was younger, I thought it would be an excellent idea to try to sell some of my tens of ten thousand photographs I've taken. Then I realized that there are sooooooooooooooo many already out there.

I thought that my fellow citizens would be interested in the superstars and ministars that I've taken around Pori Jazz and countless other musical events. I was wrong, I think - I haven't sold too many of even the larger sized art works of the topic, from Joy of Jazz nor More Joy of Jazz. People do read the rumours from the newspapers and magazines but they really don't want to see that character on their living room walls. For commercial use, not even the artists are interested in their own photographs, so why on earth wou third parties then be?

I thought the photographs from the beautiful nature around the world, the high Alps, the dynes of Sahara, the jungles of South America, the frozen Gulf of Finland, the great emotions reflected on fellow(wo)man, the speed of ectasy would do the trick.

But lets face it, really, who needs another image bank in this digital world of ours where information of plenty has become the hated disinformation?

So, instead of copying here flashy & fancy copy-pasted java-plugin image browsers that would show you millions of photos of which you still wouldn't find the image you are searching for, let me offer something else. You brief (define) me what you need, and I'll check if I can be of service to you.

Remember, as the great Arno Rafael Minkkinen has said: what can happen in your head, can happen in your camera. -If not in your camera, perhaps in mine. :)

Klaus A J Riederer