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I guess everyone is a photographer nowadays.

I should take of this navigation link, but I use it to make you think. I share the opinion of Arno Rafael Minkkinen, a world class photographer with a Finnish origin, who was teaching us in Kotka on August 3.-7., 2009. I was there shooting like a mad man for my already agreed exhibition to Kotka Photography Center the following month, Naked Truth. Our great teacher was interviewed to the Kymen Sanomat -newspaper, and he stated the avalance of pictures will deteriorate them.

I agree to Minkkinen's opinion with my full heart. I see this even in my own production.

So why bother? Guess what, I don't. So far (01/2010) I've taken something like 100000 frames, 60000 - 70000 in film, of which many still in the freezer undeveloped. On May 2008 I started with my own digital reflex camera (EOS 40D), and finally 01.01.2010 it died (RIP), having almost 30000 shots taken. Becoming digital meant the rate go up exponential. Right now, I'm a photographer without a (digital) camera. The new cell phone of mine makes awful 5 mpx shots but I take them anyway, though I don't consider them to be photographs.

So of this mass of my photographs, I could choose anything between the four elements and way beyond to amaze you. Notwithstanding, it still wouldn't be enough to for you, the daughter or son of modern ages, eh?

So I don't even try. Instead, I urge you to ponder how my art has evolved with the passage of time. Check the navigation link above, titled Exhibitions. Remember, that from each "main photograph", you can click to the other works of the particular exhibition. Read the texts, if you want to understand me.

It's all about the art.

Klaus A J Riederer