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Two Americas: Part I

2ame_part1_01.jpg 2ame_part1_08.jpg

The human nature and different cultures have always intrigued me. Having travelled in more than forty countries and longer than two decades, I feel understanding foreign ways of life will give one a deeper understanding of ones own culture as well.

The United States of the America and Latin America have been close to my heart - the former being, perhaps, the biggest world power and an example as such to many; and the latter neighboring continent still today offering many unraveled mysteries of the Old World. September 1998 I finally started a somewhat longer photography journey through the United States and 10 different countries in South America. The trip took 4.5 months during which I took more than seven thousand photographs. I continued my quest with another one month journey around States in May - June 2001 and yet another in 2003, enlarging my archives with yet another 4000 photographs.

I have been puzzled about the differences between the US and Latin America, differences in infrastructures, constructed culture, people, lifestyles, surroundings and nature, and how these matters have changed and will continue to change in time. These matters I will investigate more thoroughly in a photography book carrying the same name "Two Americas" as the photography exhibition.


Click here for a new window to see the works shown in Savoy theatre (lobby galleries), Kasarmintori 46-48, Helsinki, Finland.


I have taken all the photographs with film cameras (135) around the world during years 1998 – 2003. I made all the prints in Part I analogously (using enlarger). The black-and-white prints were made on Ilford Multigrade IV paper (courtesy of Ilford Ltd.) and the color prints using the finest silver bleach printing method (50*60 cm2 Ilfochrome Classic CF.1K Deluxe, superglossy polyester film) and self-made development tanks.

Exhibition calender

Part I

Two Americas had its first premiere as following.

  • September 11 – October 5, 2003: Savoy theatre (lobbygalleries), Kasarmintori 46 - 48, Helsinki, Finland.
    Open Monday - Friday 11 am - 6 p.m. + during shows (e.g., the semifinals of the first Finnish TV Idols competion (five shows, each got more than 1000000 viewers) were taped at Savoy while Two Americas: Part I was exhibited.)
    Grand opening was on Thursday, September 11, at 6 p.m.

Part Ib [invited]

Two large (60*90 cm2) photographer's hand-made dye prints from the exhibition Two Americas: Part I were displayed by request as following.

  • December 7-28, 2003. Frankfurt am Main, Kirche Fechenheim, Veranstaltung zu Gunsten der Patenstation in Peru und Brasilien.

Part Ic [invited]

I also exhibited 10 of my works by invitation at

Further information


More information for Sponsors, including the Fine Art Photography Book & Exhibitions Two Americas, click here.

Photographs from exhibition Two Americas: Part I

Part I, 1st floor gallery, Savoy theatre
Part I, 1st floor gallery, Savoy theatre
Part I, 2nd floor gallery, Savoy theatre