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Spell of Mountains


For a number of years I've been fascinated on extreme sports, and as long as I can remember, about high mountains. There is a saying, "controlled risk" that is often used in these kind of matters, referring to taking into consideration own physical condition and limitations, weather, time etc. After a serious accident, in which I broke my leg and after which I had to relearn how to walk, I've started thinking about these matters more carefully.

Why does a human being push oneself to the extreme? What is the reward?

Because the general topic "extreme sports and their dangers" has received common public interest, even in national and international newspapers and journals, I am in particular interested in offering this exhibition of mine for a larger public, in order to arise a wider interest and communal dialogue under this topic. The above questions I addressed in more detail in a series of travelling photographic exhibitions aimed for much higher public than one would arise in some fine art gallery. in five Helsinki City libraries on March - July, 2002.


The exhibition series The Spell of Mountains involved 17 black-and-white and 11 dye-ink color (one of which one was a large triptych) works, see here (opens a new window).


The photographs were all made by yours truly, all taken with 35 mm cameras during the Finnish Paratrooperguild’s Ice mountaneering course I, part II, Kebnekaise Sweden, July 30 - Aug. 6, 2000. All the color works were scanned at high resolution and color corrected and adjusted in Photoshop by the photographer, and then printed with a HP DesignJet 2500C dye-ink machine. All the black-and-white silver halide prints were made by the photographer, using Ilford Multigrade IV paper.

Exhibition calender

During the course of action, the exhibition series got more and more photographs included. In all but one (the Vallilla) library, every Grand opening involved also a gratis slide presentation with 50 slide positives and a talk given to the grand public. Altogether, during the period more than 250 000 people visited the five libraries where my works where shown.

Part I

Part II

  • April 3-29, 2002: The Rikhardinkatu library
    Note: 14 new work pieces! 4 b&w, 4(+3) color & 1 megatriptych in color (1*2 m^2)!

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Further information


Photographs from the exhibition Spell of Mountains

Photos at Rikhardinkatu library
Triptyk at Rikhardinkatu library
The 1*2 m2 megatriptyk hang festively at 15 m above ground level at Rikhardinkatu library.

Photos at Itäkeskus library
At Itäkeskus, the whole 1st floor was surrounded by my photographs, which was done for the first time ever.

Photos at Vallila library
The Vallila library exhibition room.

Photos at Lauttasaari library
Photos at Lauttasaari library
Lauttasaari ended the Spell of Mountains exhibition series with finally all photographs shown at the same time.