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More Joy of Jazz

MoreJoyofJazzCol_02.jpg MoreJoyofJazzCol_11.jpg

Music, especially live music has been a long time close to my heart, and I believe that the true meaning of music is to convey emotions. In the purest form this can be done universally, independent from culture, time and place. It remains meaningless, if the artist is a world famous diva or unknown talent - the listener's experience is equally true (idiosyncratic) in both the cases. I also believe that live music events are the key issue here - not sterile studio recordings.

In my fine art photographic exhibitions the Joy of Jazz and More Joy of Jazz I investigate the above matter by means of visual communications, e.g., the art of photography. So my question follows: Is it possible to create an equal emotion to a viewer of a photograph that has been taken at the decisive moment of a live music concert?

The inner motive is not far from science of emotions, pioneered by PhD Paul Ekman amongst others, a field which I have also come across on my earlier years of making academic research. I have taught, done and followed research on (human) emotions; how well emotions, especially the universal emotions, can be recognized and analyzed, and how complex is their effect on the human behavior.

The Joy of Jazz was a highly motived topic for me, as I have been a keen visitor in Pori Jazz since 1990, and it culminated on the Summer of 2002 with my own fine art exhibition at the very heart of the Pori Jazz Festival area, on the Jazz Street. But being a keen viewer and photographer of other countless live music events (such as April Jazz, Helsinki Festivals, Stockholm Jazz & Blues Festival, Billnäs Etnomusic Festival and events at the Savoy-theatre), I wanted to give the public a chance to see even More Joy of Jazz.

At least to my eye also these works represent the essence of making and perceiving Music - or what do you think?


The exhibition series More Joy of Jazz involved 20 black-and-white and 13 color silver-halide works, all unique, plus the large main work from the exhibition series Joy of Jazz made as large-sized pigment work. All works are shown here (opens a new window).


The photographs are all made by yours truly, taken during years 1995 – 2003 with 135 film cameras. All the small and the large color works were scanned at high resolution and color corrected and adjusted in Photoshop by the photographer. The 10" wide works were printed with a Fuji Frontier 370 Minilab and the main work was made with a Epson 9600 Ultrachrome pigment printer, on the kind courtesy of Fuji Finland; the 30 * 45 cm2 color works were printed using similar wet (RA-4) minilab. All the black-and-white silver halide prints were made by the photographer, using Ilford Multigrade IV paper.

Exhibition calender

Part I

So far the fine art exhibition series More Joy of Jazz has been displayed as follows.

  • Jan. 27 - Feb. 22, 2003: Savoy-theatre (lobby galleries), Kasarmintori 46 - 48, Helsinki, Finland.
    Open Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. + during shows, free entrance.

Part Ib [invited]

I also exhibited ten of my works by invitation at

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