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God Is [invited]


I have lived in the beatiful Lauttasaari for the last thirteen years and been photographing nearly every corner and rock of the beautiful island next to the heart of our capital Helsinki, Finland.

I have desired a long time already to do photographic exhibition on the topic, and recently I got the needed push for starting up the project. I was asked to do the graphical design & layout, illustration and print (in-house) the third poem collection God är (Swedish for 'God is') by Mrs. Gertrud Strandén, a poetry writer living also here in Lauttasaari.

The six color photographs chosen for the poem collection are all taken on the shores of Lauttasaari, and demonstrate the beauty of Gods creation seen in every branch, every rock, every drop of the ocean. The images are also very personal to me - going out to the field in order to capture the decisive moment resets my mind. It causes me to reflect not only my, as a "city person", relation to the nature and surrounds, but also the set of values, which seem sometimes to be forgotten.


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The photographs are all hand-made by yours truly, taken during years 2000 – 2002 with 135 and 120 (6*7) film cameras, scanned to the highest resolution and printed to the finest quality large-format Ultrachrome pigment photographs, that is, all hand-made with the help of computers. I made per hand analogue Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) prints for my previous exhibition Two Americas: Part I, but considering their limited materials lack of esteem, I am transferring towards Ultrachrome (UCM, a hybrid pigment) -based printmaking, which reduces significantly the environmental load and allows a much wider creativity as well the range of materials.

God is was my first exhibition consisting only of digital prints, made without any compromises to the (hand-) working process and the quality of the materials. The UCM prints made on acid-free rag materials last over one hundred years and their color gamut is even superior to the RA-4 process. Although the UCM print don't reach the ultimate Ilfochrome quality, the required glass framing already eats up the superglossy finish of the CF1K material, balancing the case for two printmaking methods/materials.

Exhibition calender

Part I

  • Sept 2 – 30, 2005 Lauttasaari library, Pajalahdenkatu 1 a, Helsinki, Finland (invited).
    Grand opening as well as publication of God är poem collection and acvarelles by Gertrud Strandén on Thuesday, Sept 1, at 6 pm for invited only.

Part Ib

Part Ic

  • Jan 26 - Mar 5, 2006, Lauttasaari Church (St: Jacob), Myllykallionrinne 1, Helsinki, Finland (invited). Mrs Gertrud Strandén gave also two poetry nights at the exhibition place.
I am most eager to continue this motive, i.e., nature (of living surroundings) vs. human nature relation, which is also reflected in In My Black-and-White Life (I have never been..). Hence, I am looking actively for other suitable exhibition spaces. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me.

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