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Antonyms - Subjective Concepts Are Paradoxical


Antonyms - Subjective Concepts Are Paradoxical [invited]

Antonyms_01.jpg Antonyms_02.jpg

Human thinks via ones language and obeys the concepts in the society. As an individual one lives one self’s life thinking to be free to do whatever one desires. However, this is not true: as a member of the society one is controlled by the common concepts of moral, laws and universal “truths”. Life is abandonments. We make constantly decisions that affect our future. We try to break the roles by being different. However, this is not enough. A true freedom to do what one desires does not exist. Ultimately, we are controlled by our primitive instincts.

In my black-and-white photography ensemble Antonyms - Subjective Concepts Are Paradoxical I investigate the contradictions in abandonments by antonyms. They tell us about different conditions in life, faiths and events, thus establishing a certain kind of mind map unity of the subjective concept named “abandonment”.

Works & technique

The ensemble Antonyms - Subjective Concepts Are Paradoxical involved 18 black-and-white silver-halide works, hand-made by the photographer. All images were taken during years 1996 - 1998 with 135 film cameras. To see the exhibited works, click here (opens a new window).

Exhibition calender

Teekkarikamerat ry. celebrated its 50 years anniversary with a joint photography exhibition entitled anoXia by its six most established photographers. The demanding jury consisted of the organization’s ranking members (the applicant, if present in the jury, was disqualified thereof).

My photography ensemble Antonyms - subjective concepts are paradoxical was the largest work by any of the photographer in the particular exhibition (anoxia = lack of oxygen).

  • May 12 - 30, 1998: Laterna Magica, Rauhankatu 7, Helsinki, Finland .
    Open Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., free entrance.
    Grand opening on May 5, at 5 p.m.

Further information


Photograph from ensemble Antonyms - Subjective Concepts Are Paradoxical

Photos at laterna Magica
Detail from Laterna Magica; my photographs covered the one wall (both sides of the door entrance) in the largest exhibition space.