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Anticipation [invited]


Anticipation is desire by the human soul to be part of something. Happiness does not come from owning things, but of belonging to something.

Anticipation was a black-and-white photography ensemble and a direct continuance, a more polished/cultivated version, of my black-and-white series Desire that was my final work for the camera course taught by Mr. Vesa Kantola that I had just finished [Spring 1996] at the Helsinki University of Technology.

Works & technique

The ensemble Anticipation involved 11 black-and-white silver-halide works, hand-made by the photographer. All images were taken during the year of 1996 with 135 film cameras. To see the exhibited works, click here (opens a new window).

Exhibition calender

Being an active member of Teekkarikamerat ry., a camera club by the Helsinki University of Technology, got me into joint exhibitions. One very interesting was the Planket - Aita (Fence), which was held at the central railway station Helsinki, Finland. I was very lucky indeed to have straight at the beginning of my photographer's career to join the large common exhibition.

During the three weeks the joint exhibition Fence was standing there, several hundreds of thousands people going to the busiest building in the whole country could stop for a moment to see images taken by the keen photographers around the country. The exhibition was organized by a Finnish-Swedish camera society in the west cost, which invited other promising camera societies with their talented photographers to join the Fence that went round a part of the interior in the railway station.

Further information

Photographs from exhibition

Photos at Helsinki Railway Station
Unfortunately, I heard of the joint exhibition so late that I only got a very small piece of the Fence for my works.

Photos at Helsinki Railway Station
In those days, most of the photographers made their own prints..