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It's all about the money

I have a dream of Two Americas.

September 1998 - February 1999 I traveled around United States and 10 different countries in South America, taking more than 7000 photographs and studying the various differences between the two continents, the Americas. Since that I have visited US again for twice, hence spending in both continents ca. 3 months in total with I guess more than 5000 photographs on small format (124, i.e., 24*36 mm2) film. Yes, my dear reader you are quite right. Numbers as such as not important, but they give a measure of relativity to the effort.

As a photographer, photographing artist, freelance journalist & photographer and a (ex-)scientist I was and still am, puzzled about the differences between the infrastructures, constructed culture, people, lifestyles, surroundings and nature, and how these matters have changed and will continue to change in time.

The above matters I will investigate more thoroughly in a photography book of ca. 224 pages with ca. 200 black and white and color unaltered photographs of decisive moments. The book will have a frame story (both in Finnish and English) for this journey within the cultures and people. So far, I've written tight 20 pages of A4s in an unorthodox manner; the fluent and rich text flows through time and places in a non-chronological order, combining events, places, memories and knowledge of a self-learned globe trotter.

The author's (first) edition is to refine and cultivate the exhibition series of mine titled Two Americas, Part I and Two Americas, Part II.

The decade of 2000 I seeked eargely sponsorship and grants for this project. I was successfull enough to get some, for the point where I'm standing. Selected photographs and ready-made text, but the money for the work of layout and (offset)printing missing. In Finland, we do have an excellent grant for this latter purpose, but I never got the grant, seeking multiple times. Finally, they told me that the book needs to be PDF print ready, although this is not what it stands on the rules and regulations.

So I await, for better times in the future.

Two Americas

Klaus A J Riederer