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I guess we all have been doing funny things.

I was living a double-life for a decade, by being actively both a research scientist on (3-D hearing) and professional self-taught photographer. Amazingly, I actually started to get paid for both occupations at the very same day (June 1996). Although the latter possessed my soul, the prior payed my bills for the everyday life as well as the photography equipment. After (finally) finishing my PhD Thesis (December 2005) I noticed the balance being slipping to the opposite. Well, I suppose vision is the most important sense of human. :)

Being a fine art photographer by heart and soul, and making my own (also large-format) prints without any compromises, is not easy at the modern day Finland, where it often feels that without credentials from an recognized art school you are nothing. And even with them you're changes might not be any better; most often you being lookup upon as being one of the group of the "Finnish photographers from that school", wanted yourself or not. Well, we are as many as we are.

The fact that we today have closer or now more than 70 new art exhibitions weekly in Helsinki tells even to the man on the streer that there might be somewhat too many artists around in our small country.

But, a person should always have dreams. So despite all odds, my real passion is fine art photography, and I dream about having my photos in highly recognized magazines, such as the National Geographic Magazine, or better yet, to have exhibitions in recognized art galleries - and even, to sell a work or two. :)

My photography style has been, more of documentary style and landscape, combined with the "decisive moment" photography. A great motivation before was that I did all my photographs analoguously and wished to manipulate as little as possible the captured image (film). But to "record the truth" behind the camera lens following ones subjective perspective at (sometimes) the very instant of time is by far manipulating the truth as well.

In my recent exhibitions (In My Black-and-White Life (I have never..) and Naked Truth) you might notice that I've moved beyond the documentary style photography to something different: not totally staged and partly documentary. It is a work in process, and I cannot tell you yet where the path will take me. The latter includes also (3-D) audio work, so now after 13 years, the circle comes to find its beginning: the sound links to image, the visual fine art to auditory science, perhaps? :)

Yes, everything is subjective. As I have, already some time ago, been following the "hybrid" technology - shooting (low/mid/high format) film and scanning/post-processing the film at the highest quality and making the pigment (giclée) prints, I have noticed that you might do more than a trick of two to make the photograph perfect.

Recently, I did all my shooting digital, and all works were thought first (at some consicious level) and then shot. The process of making art was completely different then before, and perhaps you can see it in the works also. But it doesn't change the main thing.

It's all about the art.

Klaus A J Riederer