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Naked Truth

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Two Americas: Part II

God Is

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More Joy of Jazz

Spell of Mountains

Joy of Jazz

Antonyms - Subjective Concepts Are Paradoxical


Fine Art Exhibitions

I've had quite a few exhibitions, mostly solo. But the funny thing is that since most of them have not been curated and I haven't spent thousands of euros for the rent of the exhition space, the art world does not recognize them as any good. But never mind that. I have the patience I'll wait to be discovered. I was once remaided - it takes a lot of time and pressure before diamonds are born. ;)

But don't think that I would downgrade my craftmanship because of the venue or the public. Surely, getting more and more knowlegde/experience and better equipment, the quality improves - and my style changes. So I list all my public exhibitions, and make it simpler for you: their order is chronological (descending). So the more recent exhibition, the more valuable it is. Or is it?

It's all about the credits, right?

Jo historiaa -ko? - KAR Klaus A J Riederer mv-pimiössä
History already(?) - making analogue silver halide prints.