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Custom-made hardware for scientific research and other use

During my years of scientific research (1996 - 2005) at the Helsinki University of Technology, working at the Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing laboratory and the Laboratory for Computational Engineering, and in collaboration with other laboratories, such as the Brain Research Unit at the Low Temperature Laboratory, I have found impetitive to create special-made equipment for my empirical work. My own scills are wide-scaled, and hence I was able to devise a high-quality fully automated HRTF measurement / multi-modal experimentation system. I made HRTF measurements with more than 200 heads (subjects) and perceptual experiments of more than 70 subjects. The resuls are publised in my PhD Thesis HRTF repeatability: Analysis of Head-Related Transfer Function Measurements, 383 pages.

In this Section you will get more information on the taylor-made equipment, some of which I have sold all over the world for scientific research and other use.

KAR Klaus A J Riederer HRTF system in the large anechoic chamber at HUT Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing laboratory